Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Women in the Word @Exemplify

I anticipated April for many reasons. Only one, of which, was the flip flops and t-shirts. There is something else, though...

As many of you know, I just love the Exemplify Online team. I have written for Exemplify's Devotional Channel for several months (I am bad with time, so probably longer). This is the channel that I always write about, but there are several other channels to meet every need imaginable, such as a Family, Marriage, Singles, and a Ministry channel.

This month has brought a new relationship, as I was invited to join the Exemplify Magazine team. This ministry has a thirst and hunger for glorifying the King. It ministers to me much more than I contribute to it, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

While this month's column was a testimony/introduction to my presence on the team, the April theme of the magazine is worship, and that is exactly what it does. It worships His name.

Without further delay...

I can’t really explain how it happened, but somewhere along the way I lost my life.

It was not the same scenario as losing my keys, or setting down my tea cup and forgetting where I put it. I do things like that all of the time. I did not forget the location of my life. I just lost it.

When this lost life began, it could be said that I was off to a good start. My family encouraged me to know the Lord, and the church body knew every move that I made. In fact, I was in church every time the key turned.

In response, it became irresistible for me to know something else. Rebellion was a sash that I wore as if I had won its pageant.

To read more, click here and visit April's issue of Exemplify Magazine.


  1. Girl, I just met you, and I can already see God leading through your online ministry. He's more than enough, and He has you covered. I enjoyed your article and can't wait to see what's next.

  2. You just made me cry. (No easy feat.)

    I'm humbled to have you on our team.

  3. Just went and read the whole column, Tracy. Thank you for writing. Thank your husband for urging you too. Jesus' love needs to be shared and you shared it so well. Thank you.

  4. I just finished reading the full article. Great work :) The opening in particular ready does draw the reader in.

  5. You are fantastic. I just don't know what else to you!

  6. Wow.Wow.Wow.Wow. Tracy. This is beautifully written and I felt myself saying "Me too, me too!" This is the mark of a good writer - when someone says they identify with you or "you put into words exactly how I felt" I know I have hit the mark and sister, you so did.
    I'm so thrilled you are writing for Exemplify - I just discovered it a few months ago and I'm loving it. I will look forward to reading it each month, especially now you are in it!

    Love that you were Panhell president...We do have so many similarities! I love it.


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