Friday, April 9, 2010

Something You Didn't Ask About...CR

Today is, indeed, random as I follow our fearless leader, Andrea, into another Friday. See more of her over at Under Grace and Over Coffee.

I am getting ready for a sleepover. No, it isn't a bunch of 30 somethings trying to recreate their girlhood. There is nothing fun about a bunch of women who are ready to call it a night at 9:30pm. That is if they didn't accidentally have caffeine past lunch.

My senior high girls are coming over!

This means junk food, Jesus, more food, and musicals (usually Enchanted with audience vocals) as loud as we want them.

Our plan...

Dinner out (I will let them pick, of course.)

Musical and snacks (because they have different metabolisms than a 30 something)

Table Talk for Teens (upon request, before bed)

Get up to devotional and breakfast (usually they are more excited about breakfast)

Off to the tea thrown by our women's committee at church (this means getting spiffed up, but I have my own bathroom so the world is good)

Another feeding (Of course, they get to pick.)

Then the piece de resistance, we are going to The Rock and Worship Roadshow. This means getting in line at 3, for a 4:30 door opening, for a 6pm concert. For this 30 something it means comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and a bottle of water. For them, it is fun with lots of people they don't know.

Then, everyone goes home and I crash hard.

Just another day in youth ministry. I love those girls! Pictures will be coming, I'm sure.


  1. what a brilliant idea!!! I've been thinking about a way to have a girls only mini-retreat and this is perfect! They can just all come over to my house for the night! Thanks for the fabulous ideas!!!!

  2. This sounds so fun! I want to be a senior high girl ;)

    The Rock and Roll Road Show sounds amazingly fun. Of course I am a fan of Tenth Avenue North.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your girls!

  3. You are BRAVE, Tracy!

    I used to be able to do that.. but, now, if I attempt it.. I'll crash hard too.. but now sure when I'll get back up! :p

    Hey, thanks for taking time to visit together at Faith Barista earlier in the week.

    I SO get what you're sayin' about simplifying. I posted a response on the blog:

    "Yes, everyday, I try to keep stuff from crawling on my plate, to do the things God drops on it ! ;)"

    I wrote a follow-up post on 1 thing that's helping me simplify today... Feel free to come visit again .:)

  4. Your comment about a bunch of thirty year old women ready for bed at 9:30 made me laugh - that is totally me! (And yesterday, I did have coffee too close to lunch and couldn't fall asleep last night - what the heck?!)

  5. Yay! I'm super stoked. I especially can't wait for the musical. I can't help it, it's the music side in me. :) Jennifer

  6. I adore the whole " For this 30 something it means comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and a bottle of water. " Is that not the epitome of being this age and spending time with young people. It is so much fun, but now we understand the power of comfortable shoes over those 'hey, look at me in my cute and very unpractical shoes!
    Have fun...I don't need to tell you that...You already have the hand sanitizer packed. You're going to have a blast!I"m coming back for details, so please post them!

  7. I want to come!!!! That sounds like SO much fun. Tracy, I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time to show the Lord to these girls. What a great ministry!

  8. LOL. I want to come too! And to have that kind of metabolism again =)

    Definitely sounds like a lot of fun, memorable ministry!


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