Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Great Weekend In Review

Invigorating and tiring. That is how I would explain this weekend. I had so much fun with the girls. As we get older, simply being a girl can become a rare opportunity. Responsibilities take over and 'girl time' becomes a privilege. We should giggle and talk about frizzy hair. I am happy to say that I had my dose of it, in its most unadulterated form for two days.

When the high school girls come to my house for these mini-retreats (as Lauren called it in her comment on Friday, loved that), we are simply girls. I might get more out of it than they do. We followed our schedule pretty closely. I don't have pictures of every single thing, but I will give you some highlights.

We went to the tea...

Our hostess (the woman standing in the white pants), who serves on our women's committee with me, spoke about individual expression in our homes. She is a phenomenal interior designer and faithful woman. I am excited to make some of the changes she suggested. More to come on that.

The tea was a great time to be a girl with some of my favorite girls...

The woman standing in this picture (she doesn't have her heels on so look right above everyone's head) is one of my favorites, her name is Elizabeth. She just started blogging over at Caffeinated Grace. Drop in and say hello, if you have a moment. BTW, she is hysterical and her posts show it.

Speaking of girls, here is one of my senior high girls...

They also had a blast sitting in my husband's car and playing with the IPad...

We went to the Rock and Worship Roadshow, and all that I can say is, "Wow!". We worshiped the King until we had no voices left and our feet were sore. What an awesome experience to worship with thousands of other believers. The name of Jesus was lifted up on Saturday night. I am still on a cloud. I Facebooked pictures from the concert, taken with my camera phone. You can basically tell that I was somewhere with bright lights. If you haven't done so already, friend me on Facebook and you can see them.

But before we got in, we waited...

My husband is on the left, his friend who visited us this weekend is in the middle (his wife, Amy, blogs over at Evidence of Creativity...amazingly gifted!), and our youth pastor is on the right. Again, to the one on the left...nice, right? I know. I just love that guy! He has had so much fun with his friend this weekend. They have seen a car show, played Wii, eaten, laughed at things I don't understand; AND, since he was in town, my husband stayed at his hotel so the girls and I could have the house all to ourselves. Nice!

All and all, it was a great weekend.


  1. I SO wish I could have been there. Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

  2. How fun! I am glad it was such a wonderful weekend :)

    The RRRS looks so amazing. I am a fan of DCB so I definitely would have lost my voice.

    And that tea? So lovely. I am so glad your Church ladies do things like that. So beautiful to see the body of Christ like that. <3

  3. so glad you had such a wonderful time!!! It sounds like a blast! You've got me dreaming and scheming for my teens ... a summer "mini-retreat" is in the works!!! :P

  4. Awesome! Looks like a wonderful weekend, Tracy. Most importantly, I have to know - how is the iPad? HA! Kind of kidding...

  5. I enjoyed your pictures at the tea. We stayed with Jim and Joyce the first time we came to Phoenix back in 1989. We fell in love with them, with Phoenix, and with LHCC. I found your link on Jane's blog.


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