Monday, April 5, 2010

Friends, Come and Get It

What a wonderful week! I feel refreshed and ready to take on a new month. Seriously, how is it already April?

First, I have to share the most impactful quote that I heard at the YouLead Conference I attended a week ago.

"When God gives us a command, we don't need to understand his directive, we need to understand his authority." - Chris Adams

I will let that simmer.

So, obviously, I have been challenged since my last post. I have also had more time to focus on Easter week. I breathe a sigh of relief as Sunday rolls around and I can say, "He is risen, the Lord is risen, indeed!" I hope that you had a meaningful Easter.

This week was filled with other things besides preparing for Easter. It was time to spring clean. Two years ago, I had back surgery. So there was no spring cleaning in 2008 or 2009. Are you following me here? There has been cleaning, but no spring cleaning.

I am slowly spelling out that 2010's spring cleaning is gargantuan. I got married a little over three years ago, so this year was the first year I felt the authority to throw out any pre-us belongings. When we got married our stuff got married, which means that our stuff has been growing since 2006.

There are two positives from this...


This might look like pictures of a kitchen, but this is a picture of my kitchen after 5 days of cleaning. Every excess dish discarded. Every shelf liner washed. Pantry is cleaned out and rearranged. I, now, only own cleaning products that I use. I mopped the floor once and steam cleaned it twice. No longer does unidentified goo run down the sides of the trash can. That thing that I found in a ziploc in the back of the cabinet...gone. PERFECTLY. CLEAN.


Now my friends will do the rest. I am putting it all in my dining room, which was also spring cleaned, and it is the job of my girlfriends to come and get what they want. One way or another all of this stuff is leaving my house. What do you think? I supply the coffee and they take what they can carry?


  1. Oh, I love online shopping!

    Good for you girl! Nothing like shedding the winter and appreciating the glorious springtime with some heavy, duty cleaning. I'm proud of your accomplishments and how beautiful the shine!Enjoy the peace and satifaction of your diligence.

  2. Happy Easter! Great job on spring cleaning and I commend the use of the word gargantuan. Exactly the word I would use! Spring cleaning is reflective of our hearts at Easter too, don't ya think? Both a gargantuan undertaking!

  3. I'm going to call you to see if the stuff is still available...
    Oh, wait, I should FIRST mention that I loved the blog (and I mean that) and your pictures are stunning and inspiring (also mean that).
    Ok. NOW I'm going to call you and see if there's anything left. I love your pass-alongs...

  4. I so wish I lived near you so that I could go shopping at your house!! That's a brilliant idea!!

    PS - you have a gorgeous kitchen!! Good job with the cleaning!! :)

  5. I love your pretty! And roomy. My kitchen? Not so roomy at all.

    What a great idea to have your friends come and shop! Our discarded items can often help others. Love it.

    I am glad you had a wonderful week off...and that your spring cleaning has gone so well.

  6. That's a great way of sharing the fun. Yes, spring cleaning can be fun... ;)

  7. Tracy: You used my favorite quote, also. Your kitchen looks great! I love going through other people's cast offs, but I AM NOT GOING TO HELP YOU! And I think you know why! Did Lynda really use "spring cleaning" and "fun" in the same sentence?

  8. P.S. I read your article in Exemplify today. Great read.

  9. WOW! That is one snazzy looking kitchen!!!! The way you described your kitchen after three years though sounds like mine after three days...HA! It's beautiful - you did quite well, dear! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the table - exactly my idea of organizing...:) So glad you are refreshed and enjoyed Holy Week. What an emotional week it always is.

  10. You're brilliant, and so is that quote from the conference! Talk about a good word!

  11. What an absolutely beautiful kitchen. I love stainless steel, and those cabinets look great. I wont even discuss the counter tops. Can you say future harvest?

    Seriously, it's beautiful. And,I'm with you, weed out what you don't need. Your friends will be happy you've sown it in their direction.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comment as well.

  12. What? You washed all the shelf liner? You are awesome.

  13. This is hysterical. I love it. You make me smile, genuinely smile, and it's hard to get me to do that without it being a fake, "Oh, ha, I really don't care.." smile. Ha ha. I love you Tracy! You rock!


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