Friday, April 23, 2010

I Don't Want For My Mall Hair To Come Back Around

The other day, I was standing with some high school girls discussing their recent pictures. I carelessly made the comment, “One day you will look back at those skinny jeans and think, ‘What was I doing?’”

Some of you can think back to the folding and rolling up of jeans and t-shirt sleeves. That and some Keds, with scrunchy socks, and you had a killer outfit.

They looked at me like I was crazy.

(I would like to preface the rest of this post by saying that I grew up in Texas. Texas also gives you an insight into my boots.)

See, I know what it is like to look back at a picture, knowing that you were following trends.

This is my hair in the 9th grade.

I know, right?

This was my hair in the 11th grade.

The older I get, the less solace I find in the phrase, “Don’t worry, it will come back around.”

Today, I declare, “I don’t want for some things to come back around!”

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  1. Haha! I was talking about this the other day with some of my friends, but they somehow missed the lovely jeans rolling. But my hair was super big. So were my glasses. :P

  2. I must say....your hair in 11th grade is gorgeous....all those curls. :)

    I have never been a fan of big hair. Must be because I am not from Texas but it is making so sort of comeback.

    I don't even want to remember those days of high school....I shall try to remain blank there.

    But oh yes do I remember the folded jeans, socks and keds!

    Have a great weekend Tracy!

  3. Hahah! Not very spiritual, but HAHAHAH! ;) Love ya!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, sometimes rest is what's needed when you're all written out. :) And that's what I plan to do tonight and tomorrow morning...just rest and relax.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    By the way, I remember the rolled up jean cuffs and Keds shoes.

  5. Been there. Done that.
    But I must be much older as my photos include lots of blue eye liner and loads of blue eye shadow.
    We can't ever go back to those days!
    LOL from Hong Kong,

  6. Hilarious! I was right there with you with the big hair, tight rolled jeans, and Keds. Oh and did I think I looked good? You better believe it! Of course now, I look back and think how ridiculous I looked :)

  7. You did have beautiful hair(even if it was BIG)! I'm definitely with you Big hair, rolled jeans and slouched socks can stay away! :)

  8. Oh seriously Tracy...I can't take it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you posted these photos and can I just say that I have some horribly scary ones, too! I just might have to post them for next Friday. You've inspired me.

    You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now. You were simply an in-style girl. I remember the 90s well and yep, that was the style!

  9. Haha... I think high school pictures are meant to be an embarrassment. Every time I see a school photo I cringe.

  10. Oh Tracy I love this post too! Sorry but I miss big hair, I saw a sign once and I wish I would have bought it because it is so me-- it said **"The Bigger The Hair The Closer To God"**. Maybe you should have posted this saying with those pictures :)

  11. Oh. Snap. Dude. I can't think of anything this side of the millennium to say here. Word.

  12. I am LOVING these photos! If I wasn't anonymous online, I would have to share mine with you. LoL HUGE bangs!

  13. Just many bottles of hairspray did you go through in a week???

    I love it! Wish I had known you then so I could make you say "Fine, forget it." over and over and over.

    I'll bet you had the same problem as I did with the rolled up jeans. They were already too short to begin with :)

    Love and miss you.


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