Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two Ways To Get Rid Of Unused Stuff And Throw A Party

My entry way with everything ready for donation. It exhausted Maggie.

This was the scene after my recent "Garage Free". I spring cleaned and realized that there was just too much stuff...too much stuff! I told you that this was coming up, but what I failed to show was what became of my house. My husband helped me set up stuff on tables in three rooms. The doors opened at 5pm and it was a free spree, until the women's leadership team meeting started in my living room at 6:30pm.

The goal: To give away enough stuff so that we could meet in the living room.

I served cold beverages and tried to "sell" my friends items that I had no use for. They, in five years, will probably come to the same conclusion and hopefully bless someone else with all of their goodies. I am happy to say that it was not overcrowded, as my guests staggered their timing. All that was left was donated. My house was freed.

Upon planning all of this, I heard of another way to get rid of unused stuff that sounded a little more fun. I got this information from a friend, who has a get the idea.

So, this Mrs. X invited over her friends and told them all to bring five items, or so. Each person was given their own sticker color, or type, on arrival. Then they put all of their items out for everyone to inspect. If someone was interested in an item, they put their sticker on it.

If there was more than one sticker on an item, these individuals had to compete for the item. This can be with trivia cards or any game that causes people to laugh hysterically. The idea is to keep it moving while laughing a lot. Keep a camera around! The winner took the item home, of course.

Really, the decision lies in the amount of time that you have. You can get rid of stuff, quickly, like me; or you can spice it up and have a new reason to party. Whichever way you choose, have a blast!


  1. Love this! I have some stuff if you want to come over...:P

  2. that sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! Absolute brilliance! I love it!! I wish I could have come over...

  3. That's such a great idea!! I really need to clear out a lot of stuff :)

  4. We did something similar to this in my MOPS group a couple of months ago. It was a win-win for everyone.

  5. Great idea! Sounds like a lot of fun and way better than trying to do a garage sale.

  6. Fun idea, Tracy! Could I bring ten items and leave with none? LOL

  7. that sounds like SUCH a great idea!!


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