Monday, March 8, 2010

The Tale of A Dopey Engagement

I remember it like it was yesterday, sort of. To say that about myself means that I have a foggy, out of order recollection with a strong emotional attachment to the event. My memory might not work right but, yesterday, as I celebrated the day that I was engaged to my sweetheart four years ago, I gathered every precious detail I could recall.

Post-engagement trip to Maui with my family

I had dental work that morning, which required pre-medication. By the time that DK (my now husband) showed up to take me to the dentist, I was dopey girl. I remember that he had a sport jacket on and he kept patting his pocket. I found out that he was patting the money that he had saved for my ring.

Mind you, this was March 7th, and he asked my dad in January. There was a little wait time involved. I won’t lie, I thought about it occasionally.

He kissed me good-bye at the doctor’s office. This was no little appointment. If I remember correctly, I was there for five hours, so DK had plenty of time on his own.

I have to fast forward because any details from the procedure are painful and inconsequential. I do remember that upon waking up everyone was super chipper. They told me that DK was there, and how great he looked. It was a little over the top, even in my stupor.

I didn’t know that DK had been showing them the ring that he just got me. That’s right, my dentist knew first. DK was also bragging about his romantic plans for a proposal. No wonder they were so excited. I felt like I was being left out of a joke by the time I reached the lobby. They told me to get some sugar in my system and, gratefully, I slid to the car.

Upon reaching it, DK opened the back door of the drivers side to reveal a jewelry bag. I remember talk about said jewelry bag and what he had been up to, but those details are fuzzy. I was slowly waking up.

We got to the gelato parking lot (this was my interpretation of the prescribed sugar), and I had to know what was in the bag. Not fair to tease about jewelry, am I right? He was all too ready, and I practically begged him to ask me. He took it out, and in the front seat of my car, he proposed. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “Would you be my wife?”


This would be a good time to explain my response. I had just had five hours of dental work, meds, gas and shots...lots of shots. Nothing in a six inch radius of my mouth was working. I looked like I had mono. It wasn’t pretty.

So, when my handsome boyfriend looked in my eyes and said those magic words, I simply grunted, “Eth”. How romantic. I had my proposal and I said, “Eth”. I shook my head to make sure there was no confusion.

So, it wasn’t what we had dreamed of but it did the job. I love that he just couldn’t wait. That is sweetly romantic. I do love that man!


  1. That's the cutest story ever! I love how excited he was and the fact that he couldn't wait to ask you! I also love that he told all the people at the dentist ... hilarious!! :) You're an adorable couple!!!

  2. This is just too adorable. He couldn't wait....he told the dentist....your answer. Sigh.

    I love stories like this. It is a reminder of how wonderfully sweet life is.

  3. Too cute!!! Awww...I love that he was showing the ring off while you were in your procedure, lol!!

  4. Loved your engagement story! And what a great picture of the two of you! You two always look so wonderful in your pictures!

  5. This is the sweetest story!! He was so anxious and you were in such a fog!! : ) But you managed to remember it!!

    Hope your day was wonderful!

  6. I read this the other day in my blog reader, but I wasn't feeling well and didn't comment. I love this story. It is so sweet and yet so funny. Your kids are going to get a kick out of telling their kids this one :)
    My husband was the same way...couldn't wait to give me the ring. So sweet.


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