Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Apology Letter to All The Men In Numbers 13

Dear...From the tribe of Reuben, Shammua son of Zaccur; from the tribe of Simeon, Shaphat son of Hori; from the tribe of Judah, Caleb son of Jephunneh; from the tribe of Issachar, Igal son of Joseph; from the tribe of Ephraim, Hoshea son of Nun; from the tribe of Benjamin, Palti son of Raphu; from the tribe of Zebulun, Gaddiel son of Sodi; from the tribe of Joseph (that is, from the tribe of Manasseh), Gaddi son of Susi; from the tribe of Dan, Ammiel son of Gemalli; from the tribe of Asher, Sethur son of Michael; from the tribe of Naphtali, Nahbi son of Vophsi; from the tribe of Gad, Geuel son of Machi. (see Numbers 13 for more details),

I feel that it is only right to tell you how sorry I am for my behavior. You are located at the end of the laws and the beginning of the juicy story. This means that I have read about the layout of the tabernacle, the rules on sleeping together, who is dirty and who is clean, and the oodles of sacrifices. Oh, the list goes on. Honestly, I am ready for a little action.

It is in this spirit that I tell you, in the bible you are geographically unfortunate. I found myself skimming over each one of you today, without a care. I understand the importance of your mission and the death that most of you suffered. I understand that you had fathers and families. It is my will that is weak. I saw the genealogy coming and immediately searched for the end of the list. I was more interested in your expedition to Canaan than your identity.

Please don’t feel singled out. Let’s just say, it happens sometimes. Other times I try to pronounce every name so the characters become more real to me. I just had an impatient morning. You are very important to me, and I appreciate your bravery. Forgive my rudeness. I meant no disrespect.

In God our Father,


Please tell me I am not alone.


  1. This is genius. And so true. ;)

  2. Amen!
    Can I sign my name to the apology letter?
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. You are not alone! I was reading those same passages recently (we must be on the same Bible reading plan!) and I found myself "skimming" over Chapter 13. So add my name to the apology letter, also!

  4. So funny and so true. You make me smile.

    Thank you for always being such a great friend.

  5. You are so not alone. You should see how I stumble over the names in the Bible during Kid's Church. I have to laugh when I think that they named cute little babies these names.

    God bless and have a marvelous weekend!

  6. Love it, Tracy! I always gloss through the genealogy in the Bible. I so get it!

    By the way, I keep meaning to ask you...Where on earth do you get those awesome photos for your posts?

  7. I use IStock mostly. Some I take myself, but very few. It is so fun to have pictures, I have to do it!

  8. hahahahahaha! Thank you for making me laugh!


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