Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He Said I Am Like A Toddler, Not Good

I was just listening to A Woman Inspired - Get Revived 2010. Andrea, at Under Grace and Over Coffee, gave an amazing talk that frankly every woman needs to hear. There are still 2 days left in the conference, if you want to get in on the wonderful encouragement. You can also buy all of the talks later. Andrea was encouraging transparency. So here is some.

Today gave me the following images of myself...

I currently am a...

standing on a...

Seriously, the other day, I was given the image of a toddler refusing to potty train. That is apparently where I am spiritually. Not flattering. I think that might point to some control issues. What do you think?

There comes a time when you just have to be real with yourself. I have been ignoring some little voices and I now I am hearing a big message concerning...control, which stems from fear. My solution? Lisa Shaw talked about pursuing Jesus hard, and this is exactly what I cannot wait to do, right now.

Like I cannot wait to finish this post.

So, I can look like this...

Does anyone else feel ecstatic about that?

I am so grateful to hear these words today from my sisters. I hope that you are finding encouragement where you are.



  1. The idea of being a lamb has been with me for over a year now. I have no idea why. I am just learning so much.

    I missed this morning because I am not feeling well but I cannot wait for the mp3s to catch up on all the goodness.

    I absolutely love this conference. It is so encouraging.

  2. I am currently reading Fearless by Max Lucado (my favorite) and the entire first chapter I cried. I think that's exactly what I am supposed to be reading. I'm not a cry-er, Tracy. Ha ha.

    Anyway, this book is amazing. It's obvious what the book is about, but it speaks on why the most 'controlling' people are some of the most fearful, and that's totally totally me. I'm scared of EVERYTHING, and yet, I try and control EVERYTHING so that I don't lose control of it, that I can somehow change the outcome that I foresee happening in my mind.

    That's where I am with things, and I'm glad I read this!

  3. Pursuing our Lord Jesus with you! Stand aside fear!

  4. I so wish I could have been listening in!! But work and life is prohibiting that right now... I definitely intend to buy the talks though!!!!

    So exciting to read about the Lord's work in your heart through this conference! :) He is so good!!


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