Friday, March 26, 2010

CR: When A Woman Takes a Road Trip

Double checked everything...again, check.

Kiss sad looking dogs...check.

Gas pump cutting off prematurely...check. Too excited to wait, so just hope you don’t run out before you get there...check.


-Road trip playlist. This could be the most important element of the trip. You never know when you need to rock down to electric avenue, or come to Steve Perry with open arms. You might feel a bit like a redneck girl, especially if you are wearing your boots.

-I would never assume your style of worship, but these favorites are essential to any road trip. God likes a good road trip. You can get a lot of spiritual business done in a car.

-You can also listen to episodes from The Office. This revolutionizes the road trip.

Other unhappy drivers bent on ruining road trips, check...

-Don’t pay attention to the weavers. These are the ones that speed and want to move from the left to the right lane between each vehicle.

-Don’t pay attention to the speeders and breakers. They speed one minute and break the next. Also, don’t follow too close behind them.

-Ooh, what about the ones that speed up every you try to pass them?

One snack minimum...check. HUGE bag of almonds that 10 people could share. What if I got lost?

Large bottle of water...check. It cannot possibly fit in a cup holder. Maybe we need one XL cup holder per car.

Camera...check. Always take a camera!

Directions to the destination...check. This can be easily forgotten in the excitement, but it is essential. They can also be used as a lipstick blotter.

Learn a lot about women’s leadership teams and women’s ministries...check, check, check. Dwelling and resting, friends, DWELLING AND RESTING.

Need help finding my room...check. Someone had to lead me to it, but she had trouble finding it too!

Giggle with my girlfriends who I happen to serve with...check.

Text hubby all day with updates...check.

Text hubby pictures from dinner and make him guess where I ate...check.

Text hubby pictures of hotel room...check.

Call hubby twice to tell him goodnight...check.

I love road trips!

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  1. SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!! I love a good road trip - and yea, music is essential!!!! :)

  2. OH my word, girl! Have a wonderful time! I am with you on the almonds - love them and you DO never know when you might get stranded and then won't everyone be glad you had your almonds?! I love it. Have a ball, learn a ton, get inspired, keep setting the world on fire. Most of all, be safe.

  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  4. Where are you going. I'm jealous! Sounds totally fun. :)

  5. Music is definitely one of the best things about a road trip!

    Road trips are fabulous anyway. And I love the photo you paired with this post too. FUN!

    And the end? Awwww! You and your hubs are too sweet.

    Enjoy your trip. Don't forget to say hi to my friend, Beth, for me ;)

  6. I want to go, too!

  7. Great picture! A road trip sounds fun.

  8. Sounds like fun!!! I hope you have a great trip.

  9. Tracy: You're so fun! It was a great road trip, wasn't it!

  10. Make the most of every moment...check!

    Great post :)


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