Monday, October 5, 2009

I Am A Woman of Faith!

Indeed, I attended the Women of Faith weekend. It was, well, dessert-drippy good, ya’ll.

I want to show you some of the people that I was fortunate enough to have by my side. I just love ‘em.

This was my girls mimicking the statue behind them,
in the hotel lobby. You can't take them anywhere.
(Laurie, Patty, Meredith, and Melanie)

Patty (our church secretary) and Meredith (elder's wife) are way to shy.

I said "Give me pouty". I don't know what this is.
So, Tiffany and Laurie (my roommate) pouting with claws?

Now this is a pout, Sarah.

Picture it on smaller heads (one red-headed) and you have her kids.

If it were not against the law, I would eat Patty and Melanie with a spoon.
Love them!

The youngest of our crew...again with the claw thing. Nice Tiffany.

She is sending me a group shot that I will put up, soon.

I learned from Patsy Clairmont that these women are my fireflies.

Dr. Henry Cloud told me that they are the ones that hold my No Fly Zone (no condemnation allowed in that space).

Sheila Walsh assured me that there are times that I am going to need these ladies in my life.

Lisa Welchel (Blair from The Facts of Life) showed me that my distance from them is a heart issue that needs to be fixed.

You know why I have trouble connecting…judgment. I am a harsh judge, attempting to protect myself from the failure of others, or more importantly, protect myself from public failure. As you can see, I learned a lot and I have a lot to work on.

Jesus was so gentle with me. He simply spoke the words, “I hold nothing against you. I never look at your failures. I don’t remember your past.”

I will be changing my heart toward my fireflies.

And, this is just my story. It seemed that everyone had one. I can’t wait to hear them all. Please drop me a note if you feel comfortable. Even if you did not go to the conference, but you find yourself in my discovery, let me know.


  1. Yes! Exactly what you said! I was somewhat taken aback at realizing that what Lisa was saying about a plexiglass being between her and relationships holds true for me. I was also very struck by Marcus Buckingham's contribution. He turned a few long-held ideas that have apparently caused me all sorts of grief on their heads. I took the test--I'm an Advisor with secondary as Caretaker. The most spot-on summary of me I've ever read, honestly. But there's a couple of twists in me that take some of the traits and turn them in on myself in ways that have caused me lots of problems. Also gives me lots to ruminate about regarding how an Advisor becomes an effective homemaker and mother when her strongest asset is telling others what to do (i.e. bossy-ness). What a conundrum! There's so much more I could say about what I got out of it, but then I'd have to start my own blog and that's not going to happen! Would LOVE to find out what all the other ladies' roles are who went to the conference! I think it would help us understand and relate to one another better.

  2. First and foremost, I apologize for the spelling errors in this post, and future posts.

    You know, my problem is constantly searching for the greener grass on the other side- well let me tell you, it doesn't exist.

    This also makes me look indecisive- which, indeed, I am.

    But this is in critical areas of my life that are too fragile to play with this kind of a potential mess.

    I have to learn to trust:

    To trust that what God has handed me in life is truly what he wants for me right now. I will always look like that ignorant, wandering sheeo in the book Psalm 23 that he describes, if I'm constantly on the lookout for "something better".

    My marriage, my family, my life rests on this truth: God will provide. He always has, He is, and He will.

    That is what God taught me at Women of Faith.

    And- he confirmed that I will make music for him in due time. How fun.

    Thank you for putting everything together for us, it was a wonderful time. MUCH LOVE WOMAN!!


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