Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Mystery Is Great

Without any doubt, the mystery of our religion is great:

He was revealed in flesh,

vindicated in spirit,

seen by angels,

proclaimed among Gentiles,

believed in throughout the world,

taken up in glory. -1 Timothy 3:16, NRSV

We are a group of believers shrouded in the mystery of the impossible. The life of Christ, in the nutshell of this verse, testifies to the unlikely nature of our lives.

Do I understand how this happened? No. Do I believe that it is true? Yes. It is a mystery. Open this mystery and walk its halls for a moment to see how impossible it really is.

What does that meant to the one whose marriage is falling apart? Hope.

What does that mean to those who struggle with mental and physical disorders? Healing.

What does that mean to the seeker? Truth.

What does it mean to the poor? Abundance.

What does it mean to the mourner? Thanksgiving.

What does it mean from the outside? Foolishness.

What does it mean to the addict? Freedom.

What does it mean to the victim? Restoration.

What does it mean to the sinner? Forgiveness.

What does it mean when I am at the end? Deliverance.

The mystery of our religion is great. Walk these halls with me today and give Christ glory for living the impossible. Tell me what you see if you get the chance.

Father, thank you for being what only you can be. Draw us into your mystery and remind us that we have no grip on you. We have no power over you. You are sovereign to do as you will with your creation. Show us your mystery, today.

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