Friday, September 11, 2009

JWW meets Caffeinated Randomness

One thing that I have done today...I visited Under Grace & Over Coffee to enjoy a Friday morning with them.

This is my first time here, but I don't think that I can get these wrong.

Okay Lovelies, straight up - how do you take your coffee?

1. Black and strong. Preferably, lots of it.

Shoes or chocolate? (I thought of this today when I was looking atFirefox Personas - there was actually a thing that said "I love shoes more than chocolate or boys." And I thought, "Really? Wow, those must be AWESOME shoes!")

2. I would have to say chocolate, but I have found Fitflops this summer and I would do a lot for those.

I need some new music for my iPod - who do you love to listen to and what is your favorite song by them?

3. Francesca Battistelli pretty much rocks my bathroom. I love her song, "Unpredictable".

You look fabulous - how do you do it?

4. Well, how kind of you to notice. You should see me out of my pajamas!

I have had the understanding for a long time that I am not in control of the gradual decline of this temple. My plan is to stay just ahead of it to prevent collapse. I have started running again, which my mother tells me will only send my skin south faster. It's pretty much a lose, lose. But, my husband likes it.

Lastly, what's your favorite thing about fall? (That one was for you, Christine!)

5. The clothes! The weather being under 100, which we still will not reach this week, argh! Sitting outside, doing my devos in the spring/fall thinking chair.

Loved it, be back next week!

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