Sunday, February 7, 2010

At Home But Blissful

It is true. I am not at Blissdom (a blogging conference for those of you who don't know), but I see people across the blog world who are enjoying there time there. I, also, see many who are enjoying their time at me.

I saw the I'm-Not-At-Blissdom-Blog-Hop, at Blessed Moon and I thought that I would join Patty's fun. It is the first time that I have visited, but I love McLinky.

Patty wants us to introduce ourselves. My husband, Captain Awesome, is solely responsible for my blog. He has given me continual encouragement to keep writing. I just adore him. What a lucky girl I am! We are the proud parents of three doggies, Sam, Maggie and Tess. Oh, we are simply crazy about these girls!

I have been blogging for under one year. It has been a fascinating journey. I have found wonderful friends in the blogosphere. I, also, love the opportunities that come from it.

I showed you a friend that I met while visiting my family last month, so you know that I love cows. It comes from being a rancher's daughter. I thought that I would share two pictures that I love, although I did not take them. I call them the quizzical cows.

When I get my new camera (that my husband is getting me for V-day), I will be able to share so many fun pictures with you. Until then, you have to admit that these ladies are so funny.

Just so you know, the February issue of Exemplify is out...and of course, it is awesome. Treat yourself with a cup of coffee and a lot of encouragement.

Thanks for thinking of this Patty, what a great way to meet new friends!


  1. I cannot tell you how much I giggled at those cows! Too cute...and the one with all the hair... and they way they are posed as if to say...yes take my picture!

    I am glad you blog and I am glad Captain Awesome encourages you in it because you encourage me and make me think!

  2. i LOVE the color of your blog... it's clean and peaceful! i am getting ready to make some changes on mine, and this is just the color i'm hoping for... :)
    i like the first cow photo.. he's cute! and the one of you and one of your pups on your sidebar is beautiful!

    i've been blogging just over a year, and love it... so many things about it. i love that you are using yours to inspire...

    thanks for blog-hopping with me! hope you have fun! :)

  3. Love the long haired cow. Reminds me of Chrissy from Three's Company. Good to meet you, I look forward to reading your blog. I am so curious as to how close we live to each other. Love that your husband is supportive of your blogging, so is mine.

  4. It's nice to meet you Tracy! Your blog is beautiful and I'm enjoying reading your posts. The cows are hilarious!

  5. Those cows are absolutely adorable! They make me smile, those quizzical cows.


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