Friday, February 5, 2010

The Random Kindness of My Friend

Yesterday, I told you that I had moved New Years. It is going pretty well. I am getting up to the treadmill most days, which used to be saved for right before dinner. This is a dangerous place for exercise, indeed. Dinner has to happen, but a million things can happen before then to alter my schedule before 5:30pm. Somedays, I just don't feel like exercising by then. So this year (starting February 1st), while it is dark, it is up and to the "treadslayer", or the "dreadmill" as Michael Scott says.

Today is different, however. I will meet my nemesis at our old time, today.

My dear friend Jane, who is learning how to write comments, has given me a gift. I am going to see Cynthia Heald this morning...and then I will be Jane's guest for lunch with Cynthia Heald. What a gift this is to me! All that it took on her part was kindness and a willingness to lug me along, but to me it could have been a box of cash. I have looked forward to it so much, and today is finally here.

I have gone through two of Cynthia Heald's books, Becoming A Woman of Excellence and Becoming A Woman of Prayer. They are wonderful little things that explode in your heart, kind of like pop rocks for the soul...while drinking Coke. It is guided scriptural study. They bless me tremendously.

I can't wait to see what comes out of it. I will let you know.

Is there some way that only you can bless one of your girlfriends with a "gift"?

Thanks to Andrea over at Under Grace and Over Coffee, our fearless leader in Caffeinated Randomness.


  1. Wow! What an awesome opportunity! Have a wonderful time!

  2. That sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy!

  3. that's so wonderful!!! Have a blast! :)

    (Now you've got me thinking who I can give a gift to... and what to give!)

  4. Tracy, how awesome! Have a wonderful time, I'm sure you will be blessed!

  5. Enjoy the treadmill. :-D Don't miss the appointment

  6. Enjoy your time with your friend and Cynthia Heald...that is awesome! I love meeting authors that have really made a difference in your life with their books...and words!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Tracy: What a nice thing to say! I so enjoyed our morning with Cynthia! God bless you! You have me wondering what kind of a gift I can give to another friend!

  8. What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful friend! I hope you had a great and inspiring time. I'm sure you absolutely did!

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine so I could find YOU! :)


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