Thursday, February 18, 2010

"This Time I Will Praise The Lord" Exemplify

Leah was unloved. Jacob, her husband did not love her. He loved her sister, Rachel.

Leah was the one who was picked last for the dodge ball team, the one who went to prom alone when the boy that she wanted did not notice her. She did not get married because someone asked her father for her hand; she got married because the custom dictated that the oldest married first. During the seven years that Jacob waited for Rachel, no one wanted to look in Leah’s lovely eyes and call her wife.

She could not see the eyes that pushed past her quiet facade, though. They were the same eyes that saw her tears when she was left alone after polite intimate interludes. These eyes saw the desire of a wife for her husband and the distress of an empty bed. No one on this earth could see what these eyes saw. They had the heart of a Father...

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  1. And He is the one whose love matters the most!! This was beautiful!


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