Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sky Reflects His Mystery

First in my thoughts has been coming back to the blog world, after my trip. I waited to write until after I had listened to the last session of the A Woman Inspired – Nurturing Creativity & Efficient Living conference, today. It was so informative and Spirit filled. This online conference is going on the rest of the week, so if you have time you can sign up, too. It is going to be refreshing.

And, off of that wonderful topic…

I talked a little about my trip home last week. I desperately tried to take a picture of the sky for you, but my camera is too dinky. I guess this picture will have to do. When you walk out the door at my childhood home, you are just surrounded by the sky. It is so dark and the stars are so bright. They live as far as I can see in all directions. I can even see the cloudy looking, beyond distinguishable stars, dusty heavenly realms (my masters is in theology, not stars). Oh, it just makes my jaw drop.

I remember walking from my dad’s house to my sister’s house one night. It was so bright and welcoming, I thought that Christ had returned. I believed that if I just kept walking, I would be lifted up into that sky and taken home. I kept waiting for noise. I was just missing the trumpets, and apparently my mouth trumpet was not a satisfactory instrument to prompt His return. I tried.

My nephew and I used to lie on the trampoline and stare at that sky. So when he came to visit last summer, I took him to the planetarium. The “tour guide” was a wonderfully knowledgeable, and friendly man. It was such a pleasure to hear of the wonders of God’s hand from a secular perspective. It is still just as marvelous. Of course, I might have been the only person thinking that in the crowd. Maybe.

I am rusty on the details, now, so forgive me for my less than scientific approach. The topic was two little satellites destined for greatness as they mapped the solar system. This was so fascinating because they were never meant to get that far. They had a destination in mind and everything looked ok, until one of them took a wrong turn.

Why? Because scientists did not understand the universal nature of gravity.

We are so small. The inventor of gravity is so gracious to give me a sky to stand under, dumbfounded. He is so gracious to place me inside of the mystery of His universe. As He lets these little satellites travel His big creation, could it be showing us the magnitude of Him? Could it be showing the minuscule nature of me?

I believe that He revels in placing us inside the mysteries that no one can (look at marriage!). I need only to stand outside my dad’s house, looking up, to see the joy of His mystery.

I made the earth, and created humankind upon it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host. – Isaiah 45:12, NRSV

I am thrilled to be back in your company my friends. I will be catching up with you in the next few days.

P.S. I am posting from my new computer. It is a Mac, so I am working out kinks. I am seeing a lot of strange things, so just ignore them for now. Thanks.

Is there anything that I missed and just have to see? Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. Glad you had a great trip. You were missed :)

  2. My typical blog reading habit is to crank up itunes and go through my google reader and have at it, chewing away at stories of people's weekends and what they are studying in scripture and whatnot. But then there are those posts that demand a silent room and rapt attention. Yours, my friend, did that to me today. As you described the night sky above your dad's house I felt like I was there, staring in awe at a sky enveloped in stars and that dusty heavenly realm that I can't see from where I live in town. You put me right there, and I worshipped the God who made up such things, such huge, amazing, mysterious heavenly realms.
    Thank you for sharing that.

  3. The night sky always amazes me! God is a wonderful creator!

  4. Words to a new song say, "even when I don't, the heavens will call out your name". Praise to the King of the heavens and the earth and HIS glorious riches!
    Thank you for helping us meditate on the heavenly realms and offer our worship.

  5. Okay, I'm officially trying to worm myself an invitation to see this awesome place you describe. Between your description today and your pictures in your last post, I'm completely in awe! It's been years since I've seen a sky like that...thanks for evoking the majesty of God for me today.


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