Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh, I'm More Than Just A Housewife

There is something about filling out a form that leaves me bothered.

I am not unemployed. I am not unfulfilled. I am not unchallenged. I am a housewife, technically, but in the much larger sense I have an extremely layered existence. My life is rich with relationships and activities. I teach, I volunteer, I write and, yes, I make a great home for my husband and I. My man knows that he can count on me when he is not here to get things done. I have a job, here in my home.

Even better than that, my life is used in so many ways everyday because I don’t clock in. I have the privilege of God unraveling my schedule on most days so that I can see Him do amazing things with my time. I get up in the morning, refreshed, and I am busy until I get in bed at night…and I don’t even have kids (that is why I am refreshed)!

But on a form, I am just a nothing.

I am tired of it, and you can help me.

I want a new title.

Someone was laughing the other day about domestic engineer, but to be honest, I am not really sure what that means. So, I put together a few of my own.

When people ask me what I do, I can say,

I run a multi-species cohabitational experiment.

I manage the small scale evolution of a specific people group.

I am the director of a community living program.

I am the director of hospitality at a local estate.

I am part of the managerial team of W.E.D.

Let’s get on this, ladies! Help me out and give us a new title. Leave all of your thoughts in the comments below. I know I can count on you.


  1. I love all of them, I'm jumpin' on the wagon. Yes, I am a 'retired' Special Ed. instructor. No I do not work outside the home. I work hard in my home, I teach pre-teen Sunday School, I am the Kid's Church director and fill many other spots in church and community. I have eight grandchildren,a working farm and two corporations to run. I have to just laugh when I am asked, " what do you do all day out there, don't you get bored?" Heeeeheeehee...NEVER!

    God bless and have a fantastically blessed day! :o)

  2. I have been trying to think of something for the last little bit to no avail.

    The only think I could thing of was Domestic Management :)

    I find that those who work the hardest are often people just like YOU!

  3. I am with you! I am a former teacher and for awhile I would say..."former teacher now a stay at home mom" because I get no respect for saying stay at home mom. However, I realized over the last year, that them not respecting me for my SAHM position is their issue. IT is a job, a very challenging job and I respect myself for doing a good job at it, so respect me or not that is my title :)

  4. I always call myself The Management when talking about my work here at home. Because really, that's what I do. I'm CEO of Schiffman House, Inc. ; )

    I'm thrilled you found my personal blog, Tracy. I didn't announce it b/c I felt odd doing so but I love when my writing friends find it!

  5. I love this post Tracy!! I struggled with this all the time when I was a housewife ... now I work and I hate it! I wish I was back to being a housewife! It would be nice to get the respect and recognition you deserve, but unfortunately our society just doesn't see things the same way! Your titles are PERFECT!! I might steal one now and then when I'm back to being a homemaker! :)

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE those titles! I need to pass them off to a friend of mine who is (right now) a SAHM.

  7. I am no help in this dept. this morning! My brain is in a fog and I can't come up with anything creative, but I like your titles! :)

  8. Wow...this is great! I cringe when people ask me what I "used to do" in, BEFORE being a nothing SAHM. And, because I was proud of my previous profession (teaching)...I clung to it's identity to gain respect for years. It's only been recently that I've had the guts to really embrace it...and jokingly rib others who point out my societal nothingness. Thanks so much for this post!


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