Thursday, January 28, 2010

The 200th Post!

Today is my 200th post!

Let the heavens make bunches of noise (technical term) that the Lord has inspired so much to come out of one person in a year!

I am close to my one year mark...only a year, I can't believe much has happened. And, I have learned SO MUCH...all the hard way! (I am working on defining this ministry as I move into my year. If you feel led to help me in this area, shoot me an email (there is a link on the sidebar), or leave a comment. All advice is very welcome.)

This day has spurred change in my heart. I cannot even explain it but, yesterday, I went to get bangs cut. Apparently, this mile mark is creeping from my monitor to my head.

Also, today, we are having our new garage door installed. This is the garage door that no longer closes. Just a week ago, it was the garage door that no longer opened on its own. Every time I would come home, I had to put the car in park, open my door, punch the button, run to the garage door, put my hand under the door and pull/push it for assistance. Alone, it was prone to stopping about two feet off the ground. I did this for at least a month. Before that, random parts were just falling off of the door. Let's just say it is time for our 1973 special to find a new home. My neighbors will have to find a new way to make fun of us.

I may just sit in the driveway this afternoon and push the button, giggling all the while.

For this special occasion (the 200th post, not the garage door), I thought about offering all bible references for the number 200 (there are 12 numbers, and 19 written out), but that really breaks all of the readership rules of blogging. I am confident that few would survive it.

Instead, that got me thinking about what I do. I do not rifle through this text, looking for literal answers, and I do not tell others how the bible offers shortcuts. I simply write the lessons that God gives me. Sometimes they are long, sometimes hard, but I feel so blessed to learn them first hand.

Thank you for celebrating today with me. I am leaving you with my 100th post. I called it, The 100th Post Of Stink. It was written before I used pictures or colors, so a little has changed since then. I do like that lesson, though.

Thank you for supporting me. I have loved all 200 moments with you.


  1. Happy 200th! I am so blessed by you! You know, it {God} just hit me today that I've been blocked in my writing because I've been approaching it as a ministry. I never did that before. It's time I got back to learning through life in Christ and sharing it. Ministry isn't my ministry; God's movement is. Duh.

  2. Congratulations!! I'm so glad to know you!

  3. Happy 200th! A milestone, indeed!

  4. Happy, Happy 200th! I am so glad you blog! It's such fun way to get to know you!

  5. It has been my "treat for the day" to open your blog and just be fed. I call your blog my pill. It is a way during my day to refocus and revive. Believe me it's been healing and refreshing. Love you to pieces! I cannot wait until the day when you say, "oh, I've just done so many, I can't even count them anymore". What a journey and now a 200th celebration!

  6. Yea for your 200th post! That is fabulous. I truly love your blog and your beautiful heart. Keep it up girl!

  7. Happy 200!!!! You're blog has been such a blessing to me and countless others!! : ) Have a happy celebration! :)

  8. Congrats!! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today so that I could find yours! I lost my way with my blogging a few months ago, and am trying to find my way back. I got sucked into the reviews and giveaways and away from the posts that meant the most to me - my writing about my spiritual matters & what God was telling me to write. Thank you for the reminder that this is a ministry, first to my own heart and hopefully to another in the process. Congrats again on your 200th post and your beautiful blog!!

  9. WOW! 200 posts in a year...way to go! I have enjoyed reading your words and I am looking forward to more! You mentioned plans for a ministry. Is it for this blog...I am curious to what you are thinking!


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