Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Down The Home Stretch

I am on the second half of my trip to see my family, which explains my lack of blog time. I have managed to hit two deadlines while traveling, by the grace of God and tethering.

It seems like something is missing out of my days when I do not blog; so, I will be eager to get home and back to my normal schedule. I have not been able to check in on my bloggy friends, and I miss all of you so much.

My mother and I toured around visiting family. I drove to a different town for 5 days. So, it was so nice to get to my dad’s house where I grew up. I have done very little since I got here, and that is the way we like it.

I took a few pictures on my walk this morning that I thought I would share with you.

This is part of the driveway between the house and the highway. When I was in high school, I could taste the freedom at the end of this road. I was so sure that as long as I kept going in that direction, life would be fair and wonderful. It took many years for life to be wonderful but it had nothing to do with this road. Now this road looks like a great place to take a walk.

Lots of things happened on this road, though. I have walked, ridden, run and managed many miles on this road . Once, I flipped myself over the handlebars of a four wheeler on this road. I ended up doing a full flip while holding on, landing in a back bend. It turns out that I broke too fast. I didn't tell anyone about that. I guess that I have lost my ability to be embarrassed over many things.

On one side of this road my whole family were riding horses and one got spooked. My sister's horse bucked her off and drug her. My horse bolted to the barn. I can't remember what everyone else did. What a crazy memory!

I found a friend on this road, today. I thought that he was handsome.

This is what I found at the end. Going home is an adventure.

Howdy from home!


  1. oh my goodness!! That makes me so homesick for John and my first hometown!! We lived out in the country for years (until our move this summer). I love the fields, and gravel drives, and cows!!! I actually miss cows!! We're headed back for a visit this weekend and I CAN"T WAIT!!!

    Hope you're having a ball!!

  2. Somehow this is my new favorite to the previous one, that is! I love the idea of going home but don't have one to return this was a welcome peek into you trip! Enjoy and find joy all the while you're away...and then blog like a mad woman when you return! Love you!

  3. Love the pictures. Hope you are having a fabulous visit.

  4. Glad you've been able to re-visit wonderful memories, nothing sweeter even when shared with neighboring farm animals. I'm sure that handsome creature was impressed by you. AZ misses you, hasn't been the same since you've been gone, crazy weather and all!! So you're only allowed a few more hours, then get yourself back here...we love you.

  5. What fabulous photos.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your time at home!


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