Friday, January 29, 2010

Lovin' Friday Randomness

This week has been surprisingly wonderful with lots of new things to make my life easier. I am not a creature of change, so these could be a bit unsettling to me. Instead, they are perfectly pleasant additions to my week.

I switched cell phone companies and had to get a new phone.

I am not a fan of the phone...any phone. I have never "liked" any of my cell phones, they simply are a tool for me. That is why I am thrilled that it has all gone so smoothly. I dig my new phone. I can make calls and write myself a note, so far. I am going to switch all of the numbers from 2 phones ago into this one. That tells you how committed to "her" I am. I might have to name her. I recently named my car Olivia. Do you have a name for your car?

I got bangs.

I am going to switch out my profile pic soon, so they will be up (in answer to some feedback). I am so pleased with hair that does not fall in my eyes. That is extremely frustrating to me. Maybe it is my age, but functional hair is good hair. I also had to get a new hair dryer. A good hair dryer is like getting a set of good knives. I was fine most of the time, but now I can't believe I waited for so long. It dries my hair in like a third of the time. What could I have done with that extra six minutes?!

I have actually had hair dryers catch on fire. Does this happen to everyone?

The garage door...yummy...

Garage door, garage door You go up and down Without my frowns You open with one click Or merely a flick I am thrilled you are here I smile from ear to ear

This was something that my husband's co-worker sent out. I have to laugh because I have a sister who loves WalMart. I hope that you see the humor in this. It is a newspaper clipping.

Come on, admit it, have you ever dressed up to go to WalMart?

Thanks, Andrea for making me laugh on another Friday. Visit her over at Under Grace and Over Coffee for more...


  1. Haha!!! Getting dressed up to go to Walmart! Ohlala! Actually, I shouldn't laugh - I won't leave my house without makeup and I have yet to have the nerve to even drive my kids to school in my yoga pants. I'm so vain! :P

    I can't wait to see your new picture - I'm sure you look absolutely gorgeous, beautiful you!

  2. You are officially my favorite person today.

    I have been in Walmart in the least flattering ways imaginable. Now I go to Target, so they get the pleasure.

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is hilarious!! To get dressed up for walmart! love it! So happy you like your new phone!! How about Ellie the Cellie?? haha

    Can't wait to see your bangs ... you're so pretty I know it will only accentuate your beauty! : )

  4. That's hilarious - dressing up just to go to Wal-Mart. I don't think I've purposely dressed up just to go to Wal-Mart. Of course, some of my favorite clothing are sweat pants and a comfy t-shirt. So, I'm more likely to go to Wal-Mart in something comfy - even without make-up. Although, I generally do fix my hair. My hair is one of those styles that doesn't look too good unless you style it or at least plaster it with some hair spray! LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. lol - fun post!

    My hubby and I have an ongoing car name battle. My first Honda CRV was named Fred. Hubby totaled it one day driving to get my engagement ring. When we got car replaced w same make and model, I wanted to continue calling car Fred. Hubby insisted on Bernard. So I call it Fred and he follows with Bernard, making it a hyphenated Fred-Bernard. Every. Single. Time.

    You did ask. I love Olivia. My next car will be a girl, I think.

  6. My car's name is Black Diamond. :-D

  7. Funny about WalMart and the $1 store; always afraid that if I don't do my makeup at least when going out, I'll be mistaken for someone on "America's Most Wanted" or be caught by Candid Camera...could happen. Thanks for the chuckle!

  8. The Dollar Store comment is a hoot! I bet ya'll are just cute as a button in bangs! I can't wait to see.

    You have a very blessed weekend!!!

  9. I do not dress up to go to wal-mart but to be honest I most often go after my early morning doctor's appointment. I don't go that often...Now Target...that's a different story!!

    This is such a funny and fun post. And you are so right about a good hair dryer!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. I have to admit that I do get dressed up when I leave the house. When we were little, if we left the house to be viewed in public, we were expected to look our best. When I don't, now, I feel like people are looking. They're probably thinking the same as me. Luckily, I have hat now that will cover up problems with my hair. Just have to remember the lip stick.

  11. Wow. Beautiful garage door! When my husband was on sabatical from pastoring, he suplemented his income by doing carpentry work...including garage door installation. I spent lots of time drooling over other people's home improvment projects.

    So...if you see a puddle of drool on your blog by the garage door...that would be me.

    I laughed hard at the newspaper clipping! I use to not get dressed up to go to Wal-Mart till I became a stay at home mom with two babies. Then I realized that besides church, Wal-mart WAS the extent of my social life where people would actually talk to me in complete sentances and not spit up on me. I appreciated that.

    Pretty soon, my husband started noticing the difference. "Hey, you're wearing clean jeans today. You must be going to Wal-Mart!" he'd exclaim. "Yep," I'd reply with a wink, "Got a hot date with my shopping list."

    I'd hear him call out, "Are you taking the ki...", but I had no clue how that sentance ended, as I'd already be in the car, doors locked and rolling out of the driveway. ;)

  12. Tracy,

    Thanks for your kind comment over at Exemplify Online. I'm excited to be part of the group.

    I love the Walmart thing. Scary part is that she probably was deadly serious!!! Yikes!!

    Bless you!!


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