Thursday, July 30, 2009

VBS Day Four - Revisiting Repentence

Today we presented salvation to the vacation bible schoolers...decisions were made, and lots of questions were asked. What a wonderful day to see God move!

I will not be applying for teaching jobs soon. I am sure that somehow you would learn how to pace yourself, but it has made my head numb. So, I will leave it to the experts and simply VBS during the summertime.

We gave the kids the words, grace and faith, today. We also talked about repentance. I am so grateful that there is a way that our fair God has chosen, to keep me with my Savior every moment of the day and throughout eternity. I know that I don't deserve it.

So, I continue to learn what grace, faith and repentance should look like in my life. I enjoyed this as I reread it today and remembered that each life that He calls His own is for His sake, as well as each sin that He forgives. It is all for His sake.

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