Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

I have to apologize because I have given myself a vacation today. I am spending time with my dad and his doctors, and my nephew. I will be back and productive tomorrow. Thank you for the emails reminding me that I am a slacker. I thrive on encouragement!

One thing that I have noted today...I was standing at the heart hospital this morning looking at the pictures on the walls, the ones that show people with no skin. We give ourselves a lot of grace for matters concerning our bodies; even things that are bad, like too much fat or infection, take your pick...we can live with them because we don't see them. If we knew what the bad stuff actually looked like, as I saw today, we would transform and quickly. I saw a picture of carotid artery plaque that was removed and photographed and let me tell you, if that is in me, I want it gone. That was disgusting and I am a rancher's daughter, so I have seen a whole lot of disgusting. I don't want anything foreign resembling that in this temple.

I am mentally committed to a renewed regimen of decontaminating myself. I have no idea what that means. I am sure that you will have to hear about it.

Anyway, of course, things got spiritual. I was thinking of how ugly clogged arteries are and then how ugly sin is...really. We live with it because we don't look at it. If we saw its writhing, messy, destructive, ugly, fat, disgusting form face-to-face, we would run the other way. I wanted to take down their picture, and I would have except they never left us alone. Instead of running, though, sometimes I dust off the welcome mat. Somehow we manage to hide it...and it is uglier than any carotid artery plaque.

Just some thoughts from the doctor's office. Thanks for the gross pictures and thanks for you notes. I look forward to seeing what the Lord offers tomorrow.

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  1. Now that's more like it! This is your full time job honey. I think you should have a board of directors who have to approve your days off. I volunteer! My first order of business get no days off! Welcome to corporate America. Love ya!


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