Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Tomorrow

Luke 21:34 & 35, “Be on guard so that your hearts are not weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of this life, and that day does not catch you unexpectedly, like a trap. For it will come upon all who live on the face of the whole earth.”

If I stand on this word, and there was just today, only today of which I was guaranteed, what would it look like?

I would have opened my eyes this morning, not half-heartedly and eager for my first cup of coffee, but eager to see the face of my Lord. I would think about Him like it was my birthday. I would wonder what He will look like and what I could possibly say to Him. I might even wear a dress.

That means that I would do over the eye roll that I gave my husband when the dogs wanted out at 5:45 and I knew that it was the end of any sleep for this night. I wanted him to want to let them out so that I could sleep for another half hour…badly, but instead I went, grudgingly…sorry, babe.

I would have thanked God for my dogs, because over 13 years, some mornings they were the only reason that I had to get out of bed. They have been good companions and evidence of God’s abundance.

I would have sat with my husband before he went to work and told him how he has been the most amazing blessing of my life. I would have hung on every word that he said, and he had some good ones today. He said, “It’s not that he is dumb, he is just a specialist in other areas”. That was awesome.

I would not talk about “one day” or the kids we never had. I would just enjoy him. Then I would give him a kiss that he would think about all day when he left for work, instead of worrying about my coffee breath. If I never saw him again, I would know that who we became made Jesus smile.

I would not have sat in the living room during my quiet time thinking of ways to move around money so that I could continue remodeling our house, bit by bit. Instead I would have been on my knees thanking God for giving us a place of safety consecrated for his glory. I would ask forgiveness for every time that I failed to show hospitality to someone who needed it.

Then I would call all of my friends and family members, briefly since I hate the phone. I would tell them, once again, where I am going and who my Savior is. I would celebrate with some, and with others I wouldn’t hold back anymore because I want for them to know that I am going home tomorrow and I want them to come with me. I don’t want to wonder about them anymore. I would pray with them for whatever happens tomorrow, regardless of what they said…and I would tell them how I love them.

I would spend the rest of my day not worrying about the grocery list, exercising, the dog hair tumbleweeds rolling down the hall, or this blog…no apologies. I would not worry about what I ate or what I did, just like scripture always said…only today I would take it seriously. I would go tell my neighbors that our time here is short and they need to hear something before tomorrow comes. I would laugh at myself because I will know how Noah felt, and how he just didn’t care what people thought.

I would call my pastors and thank them for their diligence. I would say good-bye until whenever, and really not care when that would be because I know that we will all be busy after tomorrow. I would pray for the ministries that I had been involved in, that I had glorified God and not myself. I would ask for forgiveness when I was tired or lazy. Then I would leave that all at the steps of His throne and not think about it again.

Every time I feel back twinges, I will think…that’s ok, I will be feelin’ fine tomorrow. I would not wear makeup because I am crying just thinking about it, so that would just be a hassle.

I would probably check outside a few times just to make sure that I didn’t miss a show. I would then go back in and repent of all of the ways that I wasted my time and resources. I am just astounded at that while sitting here thinking about it.

I would ache for the moment of His arrival. I would not be stilled because, let’s face it, everything has been done and all that is left is the party. I would sing…a lot. I would not care if the neighbors heard me. Hopefully, I would get to sit on the roof with my husband in my dress, laughing and talking about Jesus.

Or, maybe not. Maybe I would do something else. But I know that because I was given this verse today, tomorrow will be different.

Father thank you for showing up. Thank you for speaking through your word in ways that can change tomorrow. Let us hear your word and live it.


  1. Tracy--

    Thanks for this blog. How often I am totally wrapped in today, this moment, this second and not "looking UP"!

    Lori Hull


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