Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in the Saddle

This week has been like two, and it is only Wednesday morning. This is just one more reason that I know I was meant to be at the “Youniquely Woman” conference this last weekend. They talked a lot about life management, ah yes.

I have spoken to two of my girlfriends, in the last few days, who have shared their frustrations to me about their role as a wife and mom. Not the fact that they are a wife and a mom, but sometimes we feel like we don’t measure up, like it is a test that we are failing, or like we are missing out on something because of sacrifices that have been made. It is in these times that I know we are made of the same materials (dust and an extra rib) with the same womanly purposes, from the very moment of creation.

We also have the same influences knocking at our door every day from this world. It is courting our natural state; something inside of us, no matter how small that it is, desiring to make us feel unsatisfied; with what greater lie could Satan fill women’s heads? Really, can you think of one?

So, I participated in a senior’s luncheon event at the church, yesterday. It really is one of the most fun things that I do at the church. They are a funny group, and they allow me to laugh and eat with them. I am honored to be invited. I asked everyone that I saw before the event to pray for me. I could only explain it by saying, “I feel like today is happening to me”.

Have you ever had one of those? I had run the day before, until I couldn’t make full sentences, and then I did it all over again. I was tired, physically and emotionally, a silent killer for us who desire to be useful every day. I could tell that the Lord wanted to enjoy His people, and I was not going to thwart His efforts. It was a blessing to me, as usual. But, by the time that I got home, I felt drained and weary. I still had the high school girls coming over that night for their bible study. So…I opened my bible.

This is what Paul asked me. Galatians 3:3, 4, NRSV, “Are you so foolish? Having started with the Spirit, are you now ending with the flesh? Did you experience so much for nothing?—if it really was for nothing.” In my experience Paul does not mix words. He was writing to people who were about to scrap their faith and go back to some legalistic jargon. Why do we go from Spirit-filled and Spirit-led to empty rituals? Why do I ride the roller coaster of abiding in Him and then going through the motions?

I knew that if I did not call on the Spirit to transform/renew my mind, I was about to lose an opportunity for the Lord to speak to some of his most precious ones (yes, that means you, girls).

We are entrusted with just a few things in this life; our families in our homes and in our churches are so important, now and eternally. God does tell us how to fulfill our purposes…through his Spirit; not for one moment are we supposed to trust our own understanding or our own flesh. I accepted my reprimand from my brother Paul. I left the land of the unsatisfied and weary, and climbed back in the saddle.

Lord, I pray that you would transform our minds, today. Send the power of your Spirit to let us fulfill all of our roles and purposes today. Let us be completely satisfied in you.

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  1. There you go again. You hit the nail on the head for me. It may be that your only purpose in writing this BLOG is to speak to me. Thank you, once again, for your obedience to His calling on your life right now. Perhaps tomorrow He will change your calling to something else, new and exciting, but for me, right is touching me. I am grateful!


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