Monday, July 5, 2010

Five Years And We Are Still Dating

I guess that everything started right here.

My friends told me that it was time to make a decision and, after three months of deliberation, I was ready to admit that I liked Dwight. Some people speed their way into a romance, but mine was more like crawling through sand. I was sure of one thing, though; I was ready to make that man my very own.

I was not, however, ready for a boring love story; and, that is how we ended up on the rim of the Grand Canyon at dawn.

One could say that I took matters into my own hands. I decided that I “had” to see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon and I “had” to do this with Dwight, Mindy (Dwight’s dog), and my best friend from college.

We drove up late the night before and camped out until the following morning. The four of us enjoyed a late night screening of Switch, cat naps, and a catastrophic morning brew of coffee.

Truth...Dwight and wandered away sometime in the middle of the night and on the very spot of this picture, we had our first kiss.

From this, I know that it is dark, cold and windy on the rim of the Grand Canyon in the early am. I was grateful that we did not slip to our demise, but I was even more grateful that I remembered what I was doing. I won’t lie, I was SOOO nervous.

We kissed for the first time on Independence Day and we were married on Veterans Day, the following year. Patriotism takes on a whole new light in our marriage.


  1. This makes me smile. :o)

  2. so sweet!!! You are a beautiful couple and I love that you shared part of your love story with us! :)

  3. And then what happened? Seriously, I am a sucker for a good love story!

  4. Well, Elizabeth. We got married 16 months later. We are happily married for almost four years. That is what happened!

    I remember that I had people over to the house the following night and Dwight snuck over the fence and into the neighbor's pool. I also called him Dwayne by accident. It is a miracle I every got married.

  5. Wonderful memory! Thanks for sharing a bit about how you two met. I hadn't heard about this part of your relationship before.

  6. How wonderfully precious, Tracy. I love that you are still dating! Cute story about your first kiss, too! Love it!

    How ironic - I just wrote about my husband tonight because we just celebrated OUR anniversary! We ARE twin souls!

    Hope you are well, dear one!


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