Friday, June 4, 2010

My Love of iPhone Apps and Bee Invasions: CR

I will be completely honest, in my absence I have stored up randomness to pour out at the appropriate time.

My new found pastime is iPhone apps. My husband warned me this would happen.

My favorite is Talking Carl. They say that kids love it, but I can tell you, so do adults. We were on a car trip when I found him, and the whole car was rolling with laughter. You talk into the mic of your phone and he mimics you, but he also laughs when tickled, growls when you leave him alone and makes funny noises when you poke him. It is like having someone else in the room with Talking Carl.

I talk to my dogs with him.

Also in my time away, I visited The Flylady. Anyone else into this? I can’t decide if this will make me legalistic or free. I would love to hear your input.

I watch So You Think You Can Dance every season. I do not watch any other competitive shows, just that one. This season, they changed the format. There are ten finalists, not twenty. They are also going to the contenders homes, blah, blah. I am afraid that it is going to become drama, drama, drama. That is the point that all shows lose me. So, I am willing to see what happens this season, but our relationship could be on the verge of failure. Does anyone else watch it?

The strangest thing that happened last month was a bee invasion. One day, I was letting Tess back in the house and had to scold her for playing with the bees. She thinks it is terribly fun to chase them. I, finally, got her attention and what I saw got mine.

Hundreds of dead bees littered my back patio. It was kind of gray outside and very still. I stood there and analyzed the situation. I think that someone sprayed a hive and they all made it as far as my porch. I sent a picture of it to my husband via text, and then my phone crashed. My phone never crashes.

At this point, probably from watching Fringe, I got the idea that the world might be ending. I am not sure how I got from dead bee invasion to that, but it felt right. So, I stood still trying to reboot my phone and check for signs of other life.

Still more weird, I went to my neighbors and they had no bee invasion, only me. My husband had to clean them up with a blower because there were so many.



I know, right?

There is more where this came from, and I am looking forward to more randomness with Andrea, at Under Grace and Over Coffee, next Friday!


  1. What was up the the bees? That picture is unbelievable!! I am not into The Fly Lady although I like her thinking :) Wearing shoes in the house work magic on my productivity!

  2. Wow! I'd be thankful any day that the bees were dead and not a live attack!

    Flylady? Been to the sight. Quickly left. I guess I'm not ambitious enough?

  3. Wow! That's a lot of bees!!

    My hubs is in love with his iPhone apps too :) makes me laugh!

  4. I used to do Flylady, but then I got lazy. ;)

    A few years ago we had bees invade our house - they found a small opening in our faschia outside and came in through the attic and out through our fire place vent. I was terrified! The worst was they were honey bees, so if they had decided to set up shop, our attic would have become a giant honeycomb. Hmmmm...maybe that's not such a bad thing!

  5. Follow her 30 days of Babysteps then run far far away. She is good at getting you going if you need a start, but her e-mails become very burdensome after a while.

    Your bee problem is weird. Maybe it has to do with Carl! :P

  6. O to the M...that bee invasion is creepy. I would have pondered about the end of the world too and I don't watch fringe. That is weird....

    Oh dear don't tell me about Carl. I already have an addiction to Angry Birds!! I even play it in bed sometimes when I cannot sleep. Oh the iPhone it has caused me to stumble. :P

    Have a great weekend sweet friend! I was so glad to see you in my reader today <3

  7. SYTYCD: I know, right? WHY do they have to miss with a good thing? Top 10? Seriously? At least we will get to see some of our past favorites? I"m torn.

  8. OMG! Bees, eek! I'm so happy they were dead at least. ScArY!

  9. OK, I am so checking out Carl. My kids would love that!

    The bees? Uck. Bee very careful...HA...I couldn't resist that one!

    I am on a major reorganization binge in our house. Everywhere. I could get obsessed with the Fly Lady. I think she could be good if we don't freak out too much and try to do everything she suggests.

    Would LOVE for you to come to Relevant but I'm not messing with God's plan for you! :) My hubby gave me his blessing so I could be in! Seriously though - no pressure. But I WOULD love it...:)

  10. Your Carl app sounds like a lot of fun! And your bees... on my gosh! That is really strange!!


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