Thursday, December 17, 2009

True Beginnings at Exemplify

...Christmas is the beginning of the story, or at least a good second beginning. It is the story of God sent in human form to be our Savior.

The heralding of this event is similar to what we do during this entire season. The prophets and John the Baptist were sent to prepare the way of the Lord. At Exemplify we have been heralding in the birth of Christ the entire month of December. It is exciting that Jesus came to us as a baby, poor and homeless. What a reason to celebrate when this one birth is weighed in the eternal balance!

John cried out, concerning this beginning, to accomplish two things: prepare the way of the Lord, and make His paths straight. Do you think our call is any different? Jesus walks with us down this path every day of our lives. This got me thinking about the path that I have prepared.

To read more, click here and go to Exemplify's Devotional Channel...

P.S. I am starting my holiday shopping today. Starting?! How is everyone else doing on that?

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  1. I really enjoyed your post today on Exemplify. It was a great reminder to not just celebrate the idea of Christ's birth but to prepare my heart and prepare Him a way. Such a neat perspective.

    And...I just started Christmas shopping today. I have several things ordered online that are promised to be here by Christmas eve and I picked up a few things this morning before work. I am just buying for my immediate family this year and that has made it pretty easy for me. Hope you get your shopping done :)


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