Friday, August 7, 2009

Movin' Into 2009 Before It's Over!

I feel a little unusual today. Not in the sick sort of way, although I have heard that it is sweeping through the volunteers and children of VBS. I do not have the immune system of a mom, child or teacher. That is a blessing and a curse. I am not exposed to every malevolent biological intruder, but when I am…watch out.

I feel a little tingly excited. The virtual world is catching up to me. My husband is a techie guy. My word, he can do anything. I just joined Twitter (free!) and started to “tweet”, and already I have some wonderful people that I am following. Some of you will not be surprised by this confession, but I see this as a lazy way to stalk people that I admire. I used to just wonder what they were thinking. Now I know about their laundry!

I don’t even mind that I can’t understand half of the “tweets” that I see. There are so many letters and symbols and numbers, and I just look for familiar words. I am trying to get everyone that I know to do it. I anticipate non-stop hysterics when all my non-techie friends join the Twitter bandwagon.

I just learned something new…techie is spelled with an “ie”, not a “y”. That is how tech-i-e I am. Thank you spell check, which I now know is not one word.

So, anyway, I am stepping into this new realm…sort of boldly. I could not reach my husband, yesterday, which I am convinced was for my growth, and his sanity. When he came home last night, I just bombarded him with questions. That’s right, no caving for Dwight. He is going to wish that he charged me!

How can I do this? How can I carelessly walk into the jaws of technology? It is because I believe that God is sovereign, even over this humming little internet machine. I know that arms of God are far reaching, and I am counting on them reaching far into my brain for my benefit.

I keep this verse close at all times. Therefore, it is my mantra going forward on this blog thing.

Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. 19 I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. (Isaiah 43:18, 19, NRSV)

I know that some of you are sitting there, right now, thinking, “Tracy, I would be more comfortable if you would just write with your #2, on a Big Chief tablet, and snail mail it to me”. Unapologetically, I am pushing you out of your comfort zone. We are the wilderness and desert in these verses. Baby steps, ladies.

The thing that I am realizing…the world is moving forward. God is a God of change. Praise His holy name that He has changed me! These current methods may be obsolete in a few years, but they will build on each other. It is sort of the same way that my knowledge of music is completely irrelevant. I can’t tell you the looks that I get from the high school girls. That has passed me by, but this will not.

Why not, you may ask? Because, there are too many excellent resources out there. How wonderful that sisters who did not have a voice because of opportunity, can now share their love of Jesus any time they feel like it! What about the ones that we have come to love who are expanding their ministries online? I don’t want to miss all of that.

Sad Note: I just learned today that people blog without being in the word, first. Naively, I will admit, I didn’t know that was an option. I am an ‘A’ type, admittedly; but, this blog takes me half of a day, sometimes, because I would never attempt it without God’s covering (Note: I don’t have children). So, be careful where you look, I guess.

Happy Note: The truth is that there are a lot of resources out there that are wonderful. They just make me moan with the Spirit. I know that is not shocking to some of you. I am a moaner. If something touches the Spirit inside my temple, I just heavy sigh/moan. I know. It can be alarming and inappropriate. I am just moved.

I am impressed and humbled by the commitment of some women out there. I just love this new avenue of ministry. There are amazing resources and you will see more and more links to them on this very blog, as time goes by. That’s right…I will work for you!

My prayer is that God will minister to you, wherever and whenever, He chooses. So, don’t be afraid to click away!

Saying all of this, I would appreciate any input or critique. I do love this type of change. That is one thing that God has supernaturally put in my little ‘A’ type heart, upon adulthood. I would love to help some of you enter into this century with me, so let me know what you like, or not. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

Father, thank you for giving us new avenues of knowledge and fellowship. Let our hearts always rest in you alone, first, Lord. Cover every avenue with your grace and send us where we need to be. Amen.

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