Monday, October 12, 2009

We Do Not Have Satellite Ears

I was watching a fun new show on NBC, called Community, this weekend. That would be the birthday weekend in which I turned 35, and ate massive amounts of cake.

I celebrated my birthday with my husband. He cooked all weekend, gave me gifts, and let me give myself a mani/pedi, start-to-finish, sans interruption. It was incredible.

Community is actually scheduled on Thursday nights after The Office. We are DVR people, though. So, if it gets watched, it happens without commercials and at our convenience. This being said, we sat in bed and caught up on DVR shows to really spoil me.

This week’s show was called, Social Psychology. It was about building relationships through gossip. It might sound harsh, but at one time or another we have all listened to some unkind word when getting to know someone. Perhaps we giggled, instead of defending or not reacting at all. I know that I have done it.

I like the take home message. You might find yourself in this one, too.

The show was also about getting caught, which is the worst part of talking about someone. I have done that, too. Getting caught is the best way to break oneself of gossiping!

Side note: I found out that one of the main characters, Yvette Nicole Brown or Shirley Bennet as she is called on the show, is involved with The Revolve Tour. The Revolve Tour is Women of Faith’s conference for high school girls. Small world, eh?

She was one of the main gossipers in this week’s show and it tickled me even more from the perspective of a Christian woman. Here is the link to Social Psychology (click on this green title), if you have time.

Everyone was dealing with gossip in their own way, mostly perpetuating it, but Chevy Chase or Pierce Hawthorne on the show, had an interesting take. He got an ear satellite to wear around, making it possible to hear everyone’s conversations.

At the end of the show, he throws it away. He explains, “See, Jeff, there are certain things that man was not meant to hear. We are designed by, whatever entity you choose, to hear what’s in this range (motioning immediately in front of him) and really this range alone. ‘Cause you know who’s talking to us in this range? The people we love.”

Ok, Pierce is a little shallow, but he couldn’t speak truer words. God made us to hear the words in front of us; and, if we were supposed to listen to all the peripheral garbage then we would have satellite ears.

I don’t usually leave posts like this, but this struck me. I believe that we have a practical God, a practical Creator. He is not bound by practicality, but we are made to function perfectly in His world, and so are our ears.

There are two things that can happen with our perfectly practical sense of hearing. We are made to hear words of love. So, if you love the people in this region (motioning immediately in front of me), then tell them. Hearing works both ways.

The second option that you have is withholding these words.

I have some dear friends who have experienced a great loss this weekend. I can say that they never withhold. It is such a gift to know them and be enveloped in their lives. You always know what you mean to them because they are quick to leave that in the region immediately in front of you.

We have spoken, often, about having no regrets. When you gush (one of my new useful words) love on each other, you never have a thing to regret. We are made to hear the gushing, so…


In the comment section, let me know if you saw this episode, or if you linked to it. I know you will love it.

Also, in the comment section, let me know if you plan to gush a little today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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