Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Sick Dog, A Bible, and A Street Light

Some women fly out of bed at the slightest noise from waking children. Their maternal instincts overcoming closed eyelids and furniture to find that voice in the dark. I heard something less traditional, but just as alarming.

Maggie, was getting sick, again. I have stopped taking her to the vet over this. They have labeled her as a compulsive eater as she patrols the yard looking to consume rocks, or worse. I jokingly told them, “She probably gets it from me”. They never laugh.

So, one noise and I was up in a flash, grabbing my bible from my desk. I enjoy meeting God in the middle of the night. Night is filled with stillness and dreams, and there is endless possibility when circumstance is stripped of normality...

I am a contributing writer today, so to read the rest of this post, click here and head over to Exemplify’s Devotional Channel.


  1. I just finished reading the rest at Exemplify - I love it! :) Thanks so much for sharing!:)

  2. a very thoughtful piece - it reminds me of something I've been pondering lately, Eve's feeling that there was more to her world than God had given her, the deception that caused her to eat the fruit in the first place...

  3. You. Are. Awesome. God has sent me a grand example of compassion and encouragement in you and I'm so grateful! Neither come naturally for me but I see the Lord using you to get me better acquainted with both forms of loving support. Thanks for being His vessel and my friend.



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