Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey, Look Where You're Going! Exemplify

I remember sitting down one night several years back. I was on the floor beside my bed, facing the window, and came before God in prayer. The tone was completely serious as I asked Him for the answer to two questions. I wanted to know if I should go forward with an accountability partnership with Susie, and if I should go out on a date with Ralph.

With all the humility that I could muster (not much), I pleaded for an answer to my question while reminding God that I was on a very specific timeline. In fact, I told Him that I needed to act as soon as we were finished talking and, on that note, I appreciated His full attention and participation.

By the end of that three minute conversation, I felt God telling me that Susie was a no, and Ralph was a yes. Two months later, I found out that I had my signals crossed. Susie was a yes for many years, and Ralph should have been a no from the get-go...

To read the rest, join me over at Exemplify's Devotional Channel.


  1. LOVED THIS!! I just finished it @ Exemplify and left you a comment there! :)

  2. Sometimes we just have to push me out of the way and really listen to what God has for us.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    You have yourself on terrifically blessed day!!!


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